I went to go drain my hot water heater... Craftmaster,30 gal. , double element. Turned off the breaker to HWH,turned off the water supply,opened up the hot water side on a faucet,hooked a short hose to drain valve on HWH and opened valve. Spurts of water came out of the hose at first ,then nothing ,so i figured perhaps it might be plugged up with sediment at the valve. Tryed more than a bunch of times to try and blast through if it was sediment built up turning the water supply on and off leaving the water on for a few seconds to a few minutes...Each time with the water on and off water came out of the hose clear and in a full stream,then i'd go to turn the water off and within a few seconds stop. I tryed opening the pressure relief valve to while water on or off no difference . Is there some safety type valve that needs to be open as well i am missing? Or is this a one time HWH use it then get rid of it....lol
Much appreciated to all!