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Thread: no water then water

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    Default no water then water

    similar to the other post ,,well about 190 feet installed 1995 .Im now losing water completely after like two showers i shut pump off at panel wait hour then it will fill up again,,however difference is that the pipe off the tank electrocuted me...when i shut the breaker off to the pump then pipe is fine noticed i got a jolt also from washwer machine same thing shut off breaker to the well and no jolt ..could a bad wire be making me lose water? there is also alot of... looks like granite specks in the toilet bowl holding tank ,also getting rock debris in shower head ,,,could the well pump be clogged giving small amounts of water? pressure is like 48 off the water line,,can i pull pump myself i looked into the well and about 4 ft down there is a plastic holding device thing will this just lift out with the water line attached???/

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    Default pump

    The most likely thing is that the pump is shorted out. After it runs for a while it may be going into overload and shutting off, until it resets itself.

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    Exclamation you got troubles...

    If you are getting shocked when you touch the plumbing and you are getting
    junk in youir lines it might be wise to call an expert before you get yourself of one of your family killed.

    You are messing with 220 volts here and you should try to get it fixed right before someone really gets lit up. It sounds like you got a shorted out wire down in the line to the pump but it should not be giveing you jolts through the line. More dangerous things are lurking in the electrical hook ups.

    You are aware that It does not take 220v to kill you, 110 will actually do a good job of it especially if you are standing in the tub, or you are grounded real good. It only takes a few seconds.

    Call someone who knows what they are doing, or someone might be calling 911 for you or yoiur family.

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    We lose more homeowners that way too.


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