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    1. im gutting my house. should i use copper or pex tubing for the water lines? pros and cons of both plx

    2. im going with tankless water system. would you use motion detectors in various bath rooms to make hot water more readily available?

    tks much

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    Where do you live?

    Is it an area where copper has longevity problems?

    How far are the bathrooms from the water heater?

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    1. live in nj

    2. all bath rooms almost directly above water heaters. 2 would be two stories up. and one three stories up (3rd floor)...


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    There are people that love their tankless systems. Personally, where I live, I think they are just not a great solution. The winters in NJ are likely to be marginal for the use of a tankless...incoming watre will be fairly cold. Sizing one for multiple fixture use requires a very significant fuel supply, and upfront cost. I don't think you'd ever recover the upfront costs verses any fuel savings (which may not be huge depending on the system chosen. Personally, standby losses aren't as large as some would make you think they are in most cases.

    Pex would be easier to install. If done properly, it should work as well as copper...each has it's pros and cons.

    Use the search function...lots of discussions on pex verses copper.
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