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Thread: New Soaker Tub Leaking Help

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    Thanks Redwood, Do you mean if i clean the silicone from the inside of the tub and place epoxy or putty it will eventually leak?
    Ive read that some of the epoxy putty can last upto 300 degrees and waterproof. For example so called marine epoxy.
    Again thanks for the help

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    anything that you do with this seam will always show up in the finish. The only thing that i can think of, is to have someone come in to add acrylic to the seam and blend both sides together. I have seen manufacturers repairs their shower stalls/bathtubs that have been scratched, chiped or broken off. You can't even tell that anything had been done.

    Now your issue will be to find a manufactureror dealer that will patch this when you didn't buy it from them.

    I know one of the units that was repaired for me was made by Maax. Miroline is another that deals with acrylic tubs/stalls.

    You can probably google both and you may be able to find a disributer close to you that will help you

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    There should be a grab bar on the wall, at the very least, preferably more, so entering and exiting the tub will be safer.

    The current set up is a bad accident waiting to happen.

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    Default tub

    If the plumber assembled the tub, he was an idiot. I would connect the tub, but only after someone else put it together and got it into its location. I will not assume responsibility for the tub leaking or being damaged during placement. And the manufacturer claiming the only way it could leak was poor installation is something that Home Depot, Lowes, etc., would love to be able to say.

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    The way HJ suggested is the only way I would have touched this job...

    You just can't make Fillet Mignon out of Alpo!


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