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Thread: drain and overflow rubber gasket problems..

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    Default drain and overflow rubber gasket problems..

    I am installing a Duravit tub with side skirt. So far everything going ok, other than cracking the drain elbow during install but this is fixed.

    The problem that I am having is, the instructions show to pull the lip of the rubber gasket through the acrylic drain hole and the metal drain flange which gets mounted by a metal screw is supposed to seal over this gasket. And of course this screws sandwhiches the drain flang and rubber seal to the tub.

    There is no way possible to pull the rubber gasket lip through the hole and still seat properly. The inside diameter of the gasket is the diameter of the hole in the tub - just impossible. Could it be wrong gaskets or am I overlooking something?

    The seal seats firm on the drain pipe(part of the tub) if I leave it seated on top of the drain and NOT pull it through the tub sits on top nicely. I would think this would be fine since this would still give me a seal anyway. If the screw fastens this all together water is still held back by the rubber gasket.
    My concern doing it this way is the metal flange on top is sitting directly on top of the tub and could crack if tightened too much.
    I was thinking to roll up putty/dope and set the flange on top?

    Any ideas, see attached pics

    thanks chris
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