As per a previous thread i started re: re wireing

Actually it should be grounding a un grounded house short of a complete re wire... Anyway what i mean by confusion is this..I have talked to several qualified,licensed,experienced etc. electricians.
1. Some, say all receptacles in the dwelling need GFCI's,

2.some say the first receptacle in each circuit needs a GFCI, wired in so it protects all other receps. downstream in that circuit.A sticker stating "No equipment ground" and visable also needs to be in place all receps.

3. One electrician said it is wortless and a waste to try and acheieve a ground with GFCI's.

I realize GFCI's may not give me a "proper ground" but as long as they make for safer wireing, and protects all equipment plugged into those receptacles and NEC recognizes it as acceptable code compliant etc. I am favoring the idea. Plus i am told the existing three prong outlets now in place can be kept as long as they are protected as mentioned above in 2.