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Thread: Pressure Relief Valve

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    Default Pressure Relief Valve

    Replaced pressure relief valve on 40g gas water heater about a year ago because of leackage from relief valve pipe. This did resolve the problem, but after only 1 year the problem is back. Any suggestions??

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    Did you check house pressure. If it is high, that can be the cause. Next, is there a check vavle or pressure reducing valve without bypass? We find that even with bypass, there can be high pressure developing...so an expansion tank, properly installed and charged usually solves the problem.

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    Default valve

    More of the valves fail by not opening rather than leaking spontaneously. So you were probably just lucky that replacing it fixed the leaking, but you probably did not solve why it leaked. Either the heater temperature is too high, in which case you would usually get a flood rather than a drip, or the pressure is getting too high.


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