I have city water at my house that is going up. 91 psi down at the road, but my driveway rises ~150ft. So I lose about 65psi. I need a pump to make up for this. There is also a fire sprinkler system slated to go in, so I need to be able to put out 30GPM.

There's an 1.5" line coming from the meter by the road. I believe this will be dropping to 1" after the pump.

I'm guessing that the fire sprinkler requirements in terms of flow-rate (30GPM) will exceed those of a 3-bedroom, 2.5 bath house. Since the sprinklers need a continuous rating, I need a pump large enough to provide this, and so a tank is moot.

Can I get some direction in sizing/choosing a pump? Most pumps seem to be quoted in hp, and I'm not sure how to back flow-rate and psi boost out of that.