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Thread: crane mixing valve

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    Default crane mixing valve


    after looking on the net for the valve i have in the shower i am almost sure i have a crane pre-war mixing valve , and i have a dripping leak ; i did remove the stem and removed the packing nut which was hard to put back because of the spring in it ;but really i do not know what i should be looking for to replace or to stop the leak. please help



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    Does the stem have a washer on the end? If so, take the screw out and install a new washer. Then, take a close look at the part where that washer seats...funny thing, it's called the seat. If that isn't smooth, you should replace that. You need a special (inexpensive) tool to remove it. If the stem itself is all worn out, you might be able to find a replacement for it...the easiest way is to take it with you to a good plumbing store. In the end, it might be time to replace the thing with a new valve...over 50-years is a long time...
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    Default valve

    How about a picture. Most valves do not have springs on them, and once you remove the stem there is seldom a need to remove the packing nut.

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    Default pictures

    these are the pictures

    hope this will help ; sorry it took me some time to figure out this .




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