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Thread: well usage

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    Default well usage

    On a 30' shallow well with 1.5hp pump: we have 4 hose bibs, and will normally try two watering setups at a time. With both hose bibs running, to shut pump off:

    1. Do I turn both bibs off before shutting power off? Some guys have said leave 'em open.

    2. If shutting down with hose bibs open, will power to pump normally bring it right back on later?

    To my way of thinking leaving the hose bibs open would possibly deplete your prime, to an extant.

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    Default prime

    IT depends on how the pump and system is installed, but normally the only way to lose the prime is to pump the well dry so you suck air into the pump. If there is no check valve, however, then opening the hose faucet will allow the water to drain out and pull air into the pump doing the same thing. But it would make no difference whether you turned off the pump with the valves open or opened them at any time when the pump was not operating.


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