Hi everyone,

Wow, I never knew there was soooo much to learn about
toilets, it's been an education!
I've spent some time looking around at toilets in person,
reading online, and after discovering this site last night,
I spent all evening reading these forums.
This is a great resource, by far the best I've seen!
Kudos to all of you for giving your time.

We are installing a new toilet in our bathroom (I should say
my husband is, there is no "we" about doing the work.... lol
He is not a plumber, but is reasonably handy and has tinkered
with our old one before.

I had looked around to find one, and had settled on an American
Standard 13L Cadet 3.
(from what I've read here it looks like I made an ok choice?)
There are two Drake dealers about an hour from me, but I really
don't think we want to spend a lot extra if the Cadet would work?
I'm not sure if it matters, but there is also a toilet downstairs,
directly below the one we are replacing (house is a split entry).

We are interested in a water saving kit, and I found one called
TwoFlush http://www.twoflush.com
It looks to be exactly what we want.

Would anyone be familar with it? (I did a search here on the forums
but didn't find anything).
Any opinions as to whether it would work alright with the Cadet 3 13L?

Thanks in advance if anyone can offer any thoughts or advice!
(sorry to be so long, but I wanted to give any pertinant details).