I'm new here....I found this site looking for toilet information for my FIL.

He was recently handicapped (lost a leg) and now is in need of a new toilet. The one the in-laws have is pretty old and too short for him to get to comfortably.
It is also constantly clogging due to increased use because of the meds he is taking (if you catch my drift)!

I have looked at a couple different brands of toilets.......they are looking to spend around $300.

There aren't any dealers around here that I have found that carry some of the toilets so I thought I would stick to Kohler and American Standard.

These are the ones that I looked at that seemed like they would be the best options:

American Standard Champion4 Right Height Elongated One Piece

Kohler Wellworth Pressure Lite Elongated 1.1 gpf (k-3531-ra)

Kohler Devonshire Elongated (k-3457)

Kohler Persuade two-piece elongated toilet with Dual Flush Technology (k-3654)

Any information or opinions on these toilets would be highly appreciated! There is so much information out there to wade through! I know alot of people have had problems with both Kohler and American Standard but I haven't seen any of the models that I looked at mentioned!

Thank you!