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Thread: Polishing marble spot to original shine

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    Default Polishing marble spot to original shine

    Wife used steel wool(Jeez) to try to get a mark off a marble countertop, now it has a 2" circle with no shine. How can I restore the original shine? Would extra fine pumice do it? Or rottenstone? Jeweler's rouge on a cloth buffing wheel? Don't have any marble to experiment on so do not want to make it worse by trying different things that won't work right.

    Thanks for an informed answer.

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    You may never get it back, but wet sandpaper used often on car finishes in finer and finer grits will help. You might want to go up to 2000 grit, depends on how shiney the original stuff was. I'd stay away from power tools - first, ones that can be used wet are expensive (compared to homeowners versions), and it would be easy to go too far.

    Check out www.johnbridge.com. They have a restoration section on tile (even if this is slab, it would be the same for a marble tile).
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