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Thread: Moentrol pressure balancing volume control

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    Default Moentrol pressure balancing volume control

    I have a similar (?) problem to
    "Moentrol Legend model 3175P"
    ....I thought I would start a new one.

    I have a One Year old Moentrol pressure balancing volume control #3333

    Water pressure has remaind good.
    But the Temperature . . . . .I have had to Increase the Hot
    from a year ago.

    New it was good for me at about 1:00 oclock,
    Now I set it at about 11:00.

    The shower is closer to the street and cold water (SoCal: not big deviations) But the Noritz tankless is at the other end.....it works perfect, seems other showers are OK.

    Sediment? Several times water has been off and ALL
    faucets had to be cleaned out (didn't do the #3333)

    Anti-Scald feature adjustment?

    ANY help . . . THANKS

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    Your balancing spool may need to be replaced or cleaned out

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    Thanks krow,
    I'll look into it.


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