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Thread: Question on Tub replacement and tile

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    Default Question on Tub replacement and tile

    Hi all,

    I have a few basic questions. Just doing my research first.

    We cannot afford to replace the tub yet (recovering from 1st floor renovations) with a nice Whirlpool style unit, so the old fiberglass job will have to stay for now. I do want to tear out and replace the tile. We live in a condo. Anything I install will have to be the same standard size type of unit, nothing custom is possible.

    1 - Will it be possible to remove old tub and install new, same size/dimensions, tub by just removing the first or second row of tiles directly above the tub surround? This way I could have new tile and fixtures now.

    2 - If possible, how much room (in inches) would be needed above the tub? I need to know this so I can buy extra tiles as replacements in the future.

    Thanks so much for any advice.

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    It is probably possible, but I'd suggest waiting until you can do the whole thing. The tub measures (typically) very close to 60" (this is the most common). Wrestling the thing in there if you can't tip it can be a problem. Measure the opening now. You may find you'd have to remove some of the drywall on the outside as well in order to slide it in or take off more than a few rows of tile.. Keeping the vapor barrier intact is also harder to do.
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    Yeah, you are probably right. There is now way I could just slide it in. When the time comes, I will be ripping out the toilet, vanity, etc. and will have all the room in the world but still will probably have to angle it, lift it, lower it, push it, shove it, stomp on it, etc. lol

    I want to wait and am definitely going to, but my woman is on me about it. I thought maybe I could appease her a little. lol

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    Default tub

    For all practical purposes to get a tub our, or in, the tile has to be removed about 3' above the floor, and even that can be tight.


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