I measured my water pressure this weekend and am at 80psi plus. I would like some advice on the best location (and brand) for both the Pressure Regulating Valve and Thermal Expansion Tank. I was planning to put the valve just past the ball valve shutoff for the house. Can I locate the Expansion Tank nearby or does it have to be closer to the hot water heater? This location would be about 20' away from the hot water heater.

From reading the posts looks like Sharkbites would not be the best choice, I'm assuming the same opinion holds for compression fittings?

The nice thing is I have space in this area to work and to put the tank out of sight. Given my concrete walls do you hang the tank (in case it fails and gets water logged) or put it on the floor? I've visited the Watts site to determine the size tank I'll need.

Thanks in advance for the help.