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Thread: Pressure zero to 100PSI problem

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    Thumbs down Pressure zero to 100PSI problem

    I have a Square D 9013 type FSG2 switch with a pressure tank that recently began having a problem. The pressure goes down to nothing, shutting off water in the house and when the pump kicked on it went all the way up to the maximum pressure before shutting off.
    I changed the switch thinking that was the problem. I know do not go to zero before it kicks on, but it still goes to the maximum on the gauge, over 100PSI before shutting off.
    I noticed there was a lot of buildup in the nipple the switch is mounted on and wondered if this could be the problem?
    I tried letting some air out of the tank to see if any water came out as a suggestion on another thread to determine if the bladder was bad. Nothing but air came out.
    I drained the system and found the tank pressure at 18.5PSI. I know it should be at 28PSI, but don't think this is the problem. Any suggestions?

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    Default pressure

    If it is not the tank, and your pressures indicate that it is not, then it has to be a partially plugged line to the switch making it respond slowly to the pressure changes.

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    Default Clogged switch feed

    You are correct HJ. The feed line to the switch was clogged. I cleaned it out and all is working perfectly!


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