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    Default shower pressure

    Hi -
    Hope everyone is doing well.
    Just found this site and it is awesome!!!
    We are building a house - water supply will be from a well.
    Wife wants me to put in one of those fancy showers with multiple heads etc.

    Will my well my able to provide sufficient pressure to all of the heads simultaneously - and if not, how much pressure is needed and how do I achieve it?
    Craig B

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    Those fancy showers can use a lot of water. You should get with a plumbing supply house, to get some specs on the set up you want. Determine the total gallons per minute it will need, then find out if your well pump and pressure tank is designed to deliver this amount.

    You also need to consider if your water heater is capable of providing enough hot water for multiple heads.

    By the way, AL Gore is asking for your phone number!


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