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Thread: Adding laundry sink - need help!

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    Default Adding laundry sink - need help!

    I'd like to add a laundry sink to my existing plumbing.

    Can I just tee into the drain/vent pipe and then add a P-trap for the sink?

    I should mention that I am in Oregon and code here considers a washer to have 3 DFU's.

    I'd prefer to put the sink in the stud bay on the right, but if it's as easy as adding a tee to the vent pipe I could just put the sink on the lefthand bay instead.

    Suggestions welcome.

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    You can put a tee in the riser, turned to the side with an elbow and put the sink anywhere you want it, assuming the drain will be low enough for your laundry sink.

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    Could I tee off of the upstairs dual vanity drain riser if I wanted or should I stick to the washer drain/vent riser.

    I'm now thinking I may move the sink to the lefthand stud bay instead...


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    You can't put the tee in the lav line.
    Draining the lavs above, would siphon the laundry trap p-trap.

    If you want to come off of the left, you should change the waste line to 2" until you tee or wye off, and run a seperate vent for the laundry tray.
    That vent could tie back into the washer vent. I don't know how that would fit in the wall though.

    Or you can put the santee above the washer, and turn the santee left, and then 90 out from the wall.

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    I think I'll just put the sink in the right hand stud bay.

    If I put the sink drain 90 at 20" above the floor, can I just run horizontally across to the left at that height until I intersect the washer vent and then san-t it in?

    Or should go down from the sink drain 90 and then 90 again to the left and run just above the 2" washer drain through the stud and san-t as low as possible (just above the washer san-t).

    Does it matter?



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