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Thread: installing 3 piece shower wall on open studs

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    Default installing 3 piece shower wall on open studs

    I am installing a shower in basement. The wall where I want to put the shower has a couple of electric boxes running through it. Is it safe to secure the long part of the 3-piece shower wall directly against the studs of this wall ?
    Should I use a vapor barrier ? Or should I put up cement board first then put wall over that ?

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    What do the instructions for your wall call for? If it is a 3 piece like a Sterling Vikrell or an E.L. Mustee which is designed for direct install to studs, then no vapor barrier is needed. If it is a glue up from MAAX or American Shower and Bath, then you need a drywall or cememt board substrate to glue to.

    But any fiberglass or acrylic shower wall is considered impervious to moisture, UNLIKE ceramic tile, and therefor no barrier is needed

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    Default Basement install with ejector

    Thank You for the quick answer.
    A couple more things now concern me. I am installing an ejector pit. It is a basement install. The toilet runs into a 4"pipe and is only 18" away from the pit. I would like to tie a shower drain (2") and sink drain (1.5") to the 4" pipe before it goes into pit. I plan on separately venting the shower and sink to the 2" vent coming from the pit, then tying that vent to the 3" main vent up to roof. Does this sound OK ? Do I need expansion joints anywhere in the PVC run if it will be in concrete ? Do you recommend pulling a permit?
    The help is greatly appreciated.

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    Default More on Basement Bathroom

    I hit some ledge while installing pit and 4" toilet drain. How much clearance (sand) should I put between bottom of ejector pit and toilet drain to the ledge. I have an electric chipper and it is very slow going.
    Thanks again


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