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Thread: piggyback float installation

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    Default piggyback float installation

    The switch and float on my sump pump is failing and I would like to install a piggback float to circumvent the standard float and switch. I am no electrican but I purchased a piggback float at Home Depot plugged it in but it will not operate the pump. The piggyback system does have a 3 pronged receptacle and the pump is 1/3 HP. Can anyone provide advice? BTW, my plumber suggested the piggyback option and said it was easy for a DIYr to handle.


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    Are you sure you bought a Pump Down Float? They come both ways, up and down.

    I have Float switches with a 10 or 20 foot cord that come in pump down and pump up. You need a pump down not the up cord.


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    You need to make the existing float switch be ON all the time. You can often do that by raising it and wiring it in place.

    If the switch has failed completely then you may have to bypass the switch altogether. The details will depend on how your switch is arranged.

    You might be able to go into the switch and connect the cord directly to the wire that goes to the motor. You may have to waterproof the connection if it is below the water level. You can do that with a kit such as is used with submersible well pumps.

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    Default Thanks!

    Bob, that did the trick, wired the switch to on and it works! Thank You!


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