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Thread: Rust at AC line connection to coil

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    Default Rust at AC line connection to coil

    Quick question..... my clients just had an inspection done on a property.

    The inspector said there was "rusting at the AC line connection to the coil."

    what will happen if this is left alone? Photo coming shortly.
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    Default rust

    If he means the electrical connection to the contactor, then probably nothing. If he means the air conditioning tubing connection to the condenser or evaporator coil, then you will eventually have a failure and the refrigerant will leak out.

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    I thought all of the refrigerant connections to the coil were copper...that won't rust, although it could corrode.
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    Default E Coils

    Evaporator coils are made of soft metals that conduct heat well. Aluminum, Copper need steel plates to hold it all in place. Most often the steel will rust first and then corrode the copper later. It could be several years before it leaks refrigerant, or yesterday
    If the rust is actually caused buy an older style drain pan, ... does Noah ring a bell?


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