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Thread: hot water circulating loop question.

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    Default hot water circulating loop question.

    building a home. i will be installing a hot water circulating loop with a dedicated return. i am using cpvc. near the end of the return (and above) is the master bath shower. this is directly above the steel beam and support post. i am considering running copper lines in the mud under the shower's tiled floor for the radiant heat. this would make the wife very happy. happy wife- happy me! we normally keep our water tank at 125 degrees. is there any reason this will not this work?

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    Unless the flow is constant, you will probably never feel any heat in the floor. Your best bet might be to put an electric heating wire (mat) in the floor and use an air-actuated, floor-limited thermostat with a floor sensor.

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    Unless you live in a area that is permanently cold, you would be heating the floor in warm weather.

    Also hot water heaters aren't designed to provide a lot of continuous heat.

    Adding tubbing in the mud as part of a heating system would be nice.

    See the Heating and cooling forum section.
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    Default Cpvc

    You might want to check into whether you should use CPVC for a recirculation system. Unless something has changed in the past few years they did not recommend CPVC in a system where it would be continually heated to a water heater's temperature.


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