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Thread: Toto Eco Ultramax vs Ultramax

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    Default Toto Eco Ultramax vs Ultramax

    MS854114E-01 vs MS854114S

    As far as I can see,and now I have them both with another E on order, is that one has 1.28gpf with Emax flush and one has 1.6 with Gmax flush.

    Any differences that I am not catching. So far they both work well and I am very happy. I went with the E-version again just for the water savings.

    Thanks Terry for all the advice. Perhaps a bit too Toto-centric but,hey,when you are right you are right!Great product and my install,while not perfect was pretty easy and pretty good.

    I used an extra thick ring because I thought that the flange would be lower than it was and there was a little latteral movement until the wax seemed to "set" and now the toilet is solid. At least until I demo the bathroom next month!
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