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Thread: Not sure I have the right Thinset, thoughts?

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    Default Not sure I have the right Thinset, thoughts?

    Hi all, I'm ready to put down my shower base which is a one piece molded presloped tile ready deal. The manufacturer recommends a latex modified thin set as a base. I also understand that I'd want to use a latex modified under my durock for the tile floor. I just picked up a bag of thin set which is labeled "polymer modified". Now I'm questioning whether I bought the right stuff. I'm not a big fan of the premixed products because of past experience. Do I have the right product? Thoughts?

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    You have the right stuff. You will also find the johnbridge.com forum a great source of info for your type of projects.

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    The polymer is often laytex.
    The only thing that the premixed stuff is good for is dry areas with smaller tile. It also costs about 2-4x the cost of the real stuff.
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    Yes, you have the right stuff.

    And you're right to distrust the pre-mixed - the premixed isn't actually thinset, it's mastic.

    Yeah, I know... and they ought to be sued for false advertising.
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    Go to johnbridge.com. Go directly to johnbridge.com. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

    For the project you are about to embark on, there is no better resource on the web.

    In general, latex modified products provide extra strength, but are not appropriate for situations where it won't get enough oxygen to cure (like under vapor barrier membrane systems like Schluter Kerdi.
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