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Thread: Body Sprays in Shower

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    Question Body Sprays in Shower

    I am remodeling our bathroom and am installing one of those multi-function shower fixtures. My question deals with the body sprays. I am installing 6 body spays total. I have a thermostatic valve and a 3-way diverter with 1/2 inch. inputs. With 6 body sprays, I have concerns about layout and there being enough water pressure to power all 6 body sprays at once. All pictures and diagrams I see show only a maximum of 3 body sprays and they are in a vertical position. My wife and I would like to install 2 body sprays to the right of the thermostatic valve and diverter in a vertical position, 2 to the left of the therm. valve and diverter in a vertical position, and 2 on the back wall in a vertical position. Is this position layout possible and will there be enough pressure to feed all 6 sprays at once? If not, any advice is greatly appreciated as to how I can make this work.

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    Read the valves flow rates at the available pressure you have...1/2" probably isn't enough. Body sprays often aren't the same as a showerhead (limited to 2.5gpm), but can be in the order of 1-2gpm. Add up everything you want, compare to the valve's capacity and you may find 3/4" inputs may be required, not counting the huge WH requirements.
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    Default Six Body Spray Heads - Balancing Loop

    Great Question.

    I recently tried to wrap my head around a six body jets system.

    Did your install end up looking anything like this?

    I like this plumbing balancing loop the best (shown below). But how do you take that and then convert it to a six spray system?

    Depends I guess on how they are to be placed....

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