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Thread: Whirlpool heater?

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    Default Whirlpool heater?

    I'm picking out a whirlpool for my bathroom. One of the options is a heater for the tub. Would you consider this a mandatory item? Do most of the tubs you install have a heater or not? It almost doubles the cost of the tub, so I'm wondering if it's needed or not?

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    Default heater

    Almost none have heaters, but it should not add more than about $300.00 to the cost of the tub.

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    I don't have a whirlpool, so this is based on observation, not experience:

    Assuming you want to spend a little soaking time in that fancy new tub, without the heater I believe the water cools too fast for comfort. Spring for the heater.

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    Without a doubt get the heater. You'll be sorry if you don't.


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    I was wrong, getting the heater adds about $400 to the price. As we go along, renovating our bathroom, the budget is creeping up. I'm trying to keep it under control and this was just one more addition to the budget. Thanks for the replys.


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    Keep in mind it probably also requires an additional circuit breaker and wiring too. Copper these days is pretty expensive. If you like long soaks, it can be worth it. It probably can be added later - make sure you have a good access panel, and maybe leave a good piece of string in the wall to pull a new wire if it comes to that.
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    I have spent well over an hour in our jet tub with it running as high as it will go and the water stays hot. I like super hot water. Don't spend the money on the heater, its not necessary. (We have 72 x 36 tub)

    Also, if it cools down a little you can add a lot of hot water for $400 + extra installation cost + cost of electricity to run the heater.


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