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Thread: Plumbing problem with bathtub/shower

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    Default Plumbing problem with bathtub/shower

    I have a split level home, with 2 bathrooms, one right above the other one.

    The shower/tub plumbing on the upstairs one leaks water from somewhere, into the downstairs bathroom.

    when I removed the ceiling tile to see if I could see what was going on... there's a large PVC pipe (maybe 7" across) with another smaller pipe that leads into it.

    It appears the leak is somewhere in the smaller pipe... but it's a really compact space, and I need to get a ladder & flashlight down there to get a better look.

    I realize this is a dumb question... but what do I do next?

    How big is a drain pipe that goes out of a bathtub?

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    A tub drain is usually 1.5" in diameter. A toilet 3-4" (these are inside diameters, the outside diameter will depend on the type of pipe). Water can flow along the pipe for a ways before it drips, so it can sometimes be tricky determining exactly where it is coming from. The tub drain can connect to the toilet drain before it goes down.
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    Isolate the componets in the upstairs bathroom by operating them 1 at a time. Obviously, this is only while troubleshooting, because you need to leave the bath room functional. So, this may take a few days, on & off to track down the source of the problem. I'd start with the bath tub. First, note how much water you see on the pipes & attempt to wipe dry. Then start running water in the tub with the drain open. See if the pipes start getting wet. Then, repeat with toilet, sink, etc. I might note that if you think the source is your tub , repeat the test by filling your tub & not letting it drain. I had this problem & it was a poor seal at the drain fitting in the tub.


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