Hi All:

I've finally been given a permit to pump out of an irrigation canal adjacent to my property and have a couple questions.

The spot where I'm allowed to put the pump is in a curve of the canal, so the water moves a little faster there. Additionally the canal is only about 1 foot deep. The guy who approved the permit said he would allow me to put a sump in the canal and he recommened I use a 12" diameter pipe for the sump and said to put it deep enough "to get adequate submergence over your suction".

Does anyone know how deep I would need to go below the bottom of the canal to make this work? Also, how far above the bottom of the canal should the top of the pipe be?

By the way, I'm only allowed to pump out 45GPM and the pump I've been approved to use is the Goulds GT-20. I plan to use a 1" pipe in submerged in the sump and the pump will be within 75 feet of the canal. The land is very level.

Thanks for any advice anyone may have.