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Thread: "rough in" questions

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    Talking "rough in" questions

    Hello all, I was refered to this forum by my good friends at the John Bridge site. I am in the process of a shower remodel. here is my plan: Install a new 3/4" thermo valve on the incoming 3/4 hot and cold lines. Stub out of the thermo valve with 3/4" and then "T" into 1/2". 1 line going into a 1/2" contol valve to feed shower head on one wall and the other 1/2 line to another control valve on the opposite wall for a hand held shower head. Any issues so far??
    Now to some finer points. What are some thoughts on the Kholer Mastershower products, valves ect. I am looking for something that wont break the bank, but don't want to tear into my tile wall in a year later to repair the themo valve or control valves. Is there a better way to run 2 shower heads without using a therostatic valve and control valves or is this pretty much standard. Is there a concern with thermo valves that hot water may "syphon" off into adjoining cold water sources such as faucets, toilets ect. Well, enough for now!!! Thanks in advance, Pete

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    Just a tip here. You only need to post a question in one place on this forum. Just select the section that seems to be the most logical for you question.

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    sorry Gary, still learning


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