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Thread: Jacuzzi Question

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    Default Jacuzzi Question

    I'm doing a bunch of odd jobs for a customer, and they also want me to check their Jacuzzi.

    They said it was working fine until they had to replace the heating element. Now, the pump makes a humming sound, but the jets don't work, and it won't heat up either. They had a "friend" replace the heating element, so it may not even be installed correctly. But why would that prevent the jets from working?

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    Sounds like he didn't wire it back up properly. If the pump hums and doesn't turn I would suggest one of two things:

    1) He didn't wire it back up for 240V and it's only getting 120V. Test it with a meter for correct voltage.
    2) Unlikely, but the bearings in the pump may have seized. Rotate the pump by hand to see if this is the case.

    I'll go with door #1.

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    Also, keep in mind that you'll ruin the pump fairly quickly if it is run without enough water in the lines.
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    Default Score another one for the handyman!!

    Once I got there and assessed the problem, it was obvious that the pump just needed to be primed. They forgot to purge the air after replacing the heating element, and the jacuzzi wasn't used for months. Quick fix, and another happy customer.


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