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Thread: Tankless water heater clearances

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    Default Tankless water heater clearances

    I purchased a Powerstar AE115. the manual says no plastic piping within 3 feet of either side. It says nothing about over; below; or behind the unit. Do the sides of the heater really get hot enough to melt plastic? I have PVC condiut above the unit and washer hoses about 10 inches to the side. Will this be acceptable or do I have to relocate the unit? Tony

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    I would ask the mfg.


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    That may pertain to pipes connected to the unit (the cold incoming and hot outgoing pipes). For a normal WH, they want metal within 18" (I think I've got this right now?!).

    Your best source is the manufacturer...
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    Default heater

    If the heater is getting hot enough to damage plastic within 3' of either side, you have a VERY inefficient heater which is wasting a lot of heat. In fact if it requires more than a few inches to combustible materials you don't want it.


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