I bought a Toto Drake after reading all the praise at the site. However, when I set the bowl down onto the existing flange, the back end (tank) of the toilet is 2/3 inch off the floor when the front end touches the floor. It didn't improve after much pressing and sitting on it.

Here are some measurements:
First of all, the Flange isn't level. It's a tad higher (3/4 in) above the floor on the front side (seat) and lower (5/8 in) on the back side (tank). On the toilet side, the clearance around the bowl gasket isn't uniform either: 1/2 in on the front and 7/16 in the back.

So, even without wax in between the top of flange and the bottom of toilet, it still won't ift. The obvious solution (and probably the right solution), I think, is to lower the flange somehow, instead of raising up the toilet. However, after inspecting the flange for a while, I couldn't even figure out how it is bolted down and how it is joined to pipe below. Are there flatter flanges, something like 1/4 in thick or do I need to chip away some cement below to lower it? I hope there are easier solutions than lowering the flange.

Thanks for any suggestions in advance.