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Thread: Need to find old light switch stuff (circa mid 50's)

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    Default Need to find old light switch stuff (circa mid 50's)

    I bought a house that has some weird light switches. The covers measure about about 4.5 X 2.75 inches with the switch holes measuring about .75 X 1.0 inches. They were made by General Electric and the house was built in the mid 50's but that is all I can find on them. I was wondering if anybody knows anything about them or were I can info and find parts for them mainly covers. I attached a picture of the cover. Thanks for looking and helping!
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    If they are the one's I'm thinking about, each opening could be either a switch or an outlet. Had a bunch of them, but think I threw them out. Will take a look when I get home tonight. Have not seen them around for years.

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    It has been a few years, but they were available at least at that time. You will need to find the oldest electric supply house in your area, the one that is still in a run down building in "old downtown" area. Sorta like the old hardware store with the basement full of so much neat stuff!

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    Default switches

    Check for "Despard" switches and/or outlets. You might have to contact a good electrical store to find them. Pass & Seymour still lists them so you are probably in luck as far as finding what you need.
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