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Thread: Digital Thermostat Question

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    Default Digital Thermostat Question

    After turning the power off and then back on, the digital swamp cooler thermostat started blinking. There is a hole marked "reset," with a recessed button, that I pressed and held, repeatedly with the little rod that came with the unit. No luck.

    Finally, I decided to to try to remove the cover and replace the battery. Couldn't pry off the cover! Tried screwdrivers, pocket knives. I'm sure there must be a way to remove this cover, but I didn't want to break the damn thing.

    BTW, it's a 2 yo unit, and they no longer have the instruction booklet.

    It's a "Dial" brand thermostat.

    It's not urgent, cuz it's still snowing here, but if anyone has ever dealt with this brand of thermostat, I'm open to suggestions.
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    Default hint

    look for a screw driver blade size slot, that helps me to find the 'pressure point'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nubbin View Post
    look for a screw driver blade size slot, that helps me to find the 'pressure point'.
    There's a couple of those, but as I mentioned, the cover wouldn't pop open and was about to crack, so I eased up pressure.

    I'm thinking of pulverizing it with a channel locks and just replacing it. LOL

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    I know the feeling . I have not seen one of those, but residential tstats come out with a new model each year and box stores can buy brands I have never heard of. Some weeks it is pure guess work on opening tstats
    Good luck

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    Thanks. Any idea why pressing the "reset" button won't reset the damn thing?

    It just keeps on blinking.

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    Some of them have battery backups...the batteries could be dead.
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    I'm pretty sure that all digital thermometers have batteries--not as a back-up--but to display the temp settings.

    That's why I was trying to get the cover off in the first place--to replace the battery.

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    This link should take you to the online instruction manual for the thermostat (or a thermostat that looks quite similar). I dont see anything about batteries, but it does say something about the temperature blinking after a power outage. I hope this helps.


    If that doesn't work, I would just check the "Dial" website for other info, or to find their contact info.

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    Hey, thanks for those links. I spent an hour trying to find them but gave up cuz "Dial" is such a common word, and I wasn't getting anywhere.

    Thanks again!


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