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Thread: Removing Water Softener - capping connections

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    Default Removing Water Softener - capping connections

    We've moved to city water and have removed our Water Softener. I now have two open pipes (input and output) with a sliding shutoff valve. The sliding plastic bypass/shutoff value leaks slightly. I'm looking for a quick solution that does not involve cutting and soldering. Is their such a thing as a male end cap to plug the lines? Picture is attached. Thanks in advance for any help!
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    A quick fix would use shark bite caps. You will need to cut the pipe tho.
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    You could also cut out the unneccessary stuff and run a nice new pipe.

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    Default Thanks!

    I've got a tubing cutter but am crappy at soldering (I've done it a handful of times but need more practice). I've been using compression fittings for some recent work and saw the SharkBite stuff but did not know how it worked. Thanks!

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    You should check the water company's web site for their water quality report and find out how much hardness they have, and reinstall the softener if there is more than 3-4 gpg of hardness in your water.

    That by pass valve is repairable. It is probably a Taras, I think that's the name of the manufacturer, and the 4 orings cost next to nothing. One end knob unscrews from the shaft that has the orings on it
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