I have a 4 zone system with Brand new (installed last summer) Rainbird 100 DV-F Valves.

Upon turning the sprinklers on I noticed that 2 out of 3 sprinklers on one zone weren't coming on.

Here is what trouble shooting I did;

I removed the solenoid from one working valve and put it on the other
valve, still the same. (only 1 out of 3 sprinklers comes on, ruled out the solenoid)

I removed the top of the valve and turned the water on and let the water
spray up into the air about 30ft for about 1 minute, put the top back on, still same thing.

I then swapped tops of valves, still same thing, only the one sprinkler working with the different valve top on.

The flow control is completely open as it has been since they were installed.

When the valves were running I opened the bleed screw to see if this would do anything, it doesn't.

Never had this problem before.

All the other zones and sprinklers are working properly.

Also when the valve was apart I removed the diaphragm and flushed the valve that way.

Didn't see any dirt or anything.

Also I let the zone with only 1 out of 3 sprinklers run for about 20 minutes to see I could find a leak anywhere, all the soil was fine and no visible sign of a leak in the pipe.

Please help if you can, Thanks.