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Thread: Mixet shower valve removal

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    Default Mixet shower valve removal

    I'm working on the master bathroom of our new house and trying to replace a Mixet tub and shower faucet with a new Moen tub and shower faucet. I've been searching around the internet for tips and maybe even instructions on how to take out the shower valve (which looks a bit like a spaceship) without cutting a hole in the wall behind it.

    I've also been reading the Mixet's are infamous for being a tough install/uninstall because they're kind of a older brand of shower/tub fixtures. They have a lot of cross hot/cold issues and drippage, which the dripping part is why we're replacing the tub and shower faucets to begin with, as the nob is cracked and we can't find a replacement.

    Any kind of plumbing help would be greatly appreciated, because I'm totally new to this.

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    A tub/shower valve is not the easiest task for a DIYer to cut teeth on. Also it usually involves the whole house water supply being off until successful completion. Do you have possible access through the back wall? If not definitely go pro for the installation. I would suggest one anyway!

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    Default Mixet Shower Valve Replacement

    That is exactly what we are involved in right now. I am having the wall behind the shower stall (drywall) cut out for access. The "PRO" Plumbing Contractor will replace the old MIXET with a new pressure regulated valve. I am on my way to the supply house to buy a Moen or Other to make the change. I am a bit of a do-it-yourself person but this project overwhelmed me. Leave it to the Pro.



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