I posted previously about wanting to send solids along. ...
Essentially, I want more water to flush solids past the "T" sewer line and get it closer to the main sewer line on its way to the street line.
As mentioned by the wise TerryLove. The Blue Toto/Korky Flapper from Lowes will provide more water.
I purchased the Blue Flapper today. $10 plus tax.
All volumes are approximate.

Volume forcefully going into the bowl with RED flapper = approx 1 gallon, I figure the 0.6 gal is contributed by the slow volume of water that slowly spurts into the tube that feeds the bowl. Total volume of water that flushes your solids and sends them on their merry way = 1.6 gal

After installation of the BLUE flapper, the total volume forcefully going into the tank is 1.7 gallons PLUS approx. 1 gallon (overflow feed tube) = Total 2.7 gallons

This at least gives me some peace of mind that my wonderful solids are further along their trip with a good forceful send off.
Thanks to Terry for the tip on the Blue Flapper.

Yes, I realize this may use more water, BUT, I no longer have the desire to hold down the lever to empty the tank to send more water .(not environmentally acceptable to some)