My wife and I recently purchased a manufactured home in South Western Oregon. It the second of two homes on the property and the newest. There is a well that is approximately 300' from the new house and 100' from the old one. The topography is mostly flat. I am told that the well is 150' deep. The old house has outstanding water pressure and the new house is terrible. I have found a pressure tank in the garage of the new house but no pressure switch. I have looked around the old house and I cannot find any sign that there was a tank anywhere old or new. The wellhead sticks above the ground approximately 2', is approximately 10" across, made of cast iron with an aluminum cover. There is 1" electrical conduit running up the side of the wellhead and into the cover. By the new house's garage There is a pipe made of galvanized metal that comes out of the concrete makes a turn and goes back into the concrete. It has a thin round cover in it that reads, 120-psi max. That pipe is located on the out side of the new garage and the pressure tank is on the other side of the wall in the garage. Could the pressure switch be under the wellhead? If it is, is there a gauge under there too? I have read that possibly the old tank could have been in the well casing. Is that true? Thanks anyone.