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Thread: Water heater elements replaced?

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    Default Water heater elements replaced?

    I Have Replaced the elements for new ones The temp was set low because the last one's that were in kept blowing the thermostat if it was set to hot?
    Now I have no hot water at all ??? the element shows 110 to ground so its getting electric... and reads 220 at the top of the thermostat unit Looks like the wires are connected the same as the diagrams Ive looked At??
    If you can help me I would be ever so greatful ...God Bless

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    You replaced the elements, but you don't say if you replaced the tstats.
    Get new upper and lower tstats with the exact same number and layout of screws (does not have to be same brand) and exchange the wires individually from the old to the new one at a time.
    Can't go wrong.
    Good Luck!

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    Default heater

    Your first mistake was replacing the elements before you checked them to see if they were even the original problem. You will compound the error if you replace the thermostats without check them also. Having 110/120 volts to ground tells you nothing about the heater operation, thermostats, or elements. First you have to check if the elements SHOULD be heating then check them to see if they ARE heating.

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    And, of course, the most important question - did you completely fill the tank with water before energizing the elements, letting the air out? If you didn't, you fried them.


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