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Thread: Fan Issues

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    Default Fan Issues

    I installed a fan last night and I was pretty surprised by the installation method. This fan was different than most fans I've installed. Most will have a bracket that attaches to the ceiling junction box. You wire the fan up by hanging it from the bracket and then you push the wires into the junction box and install the fan.

    This fan has a plate that run across the face of the ceiling box thereby sealing it off. All the wiring is done below the plate. Then the motor is mounted to the plate. The wires just float above the motor housing.

    Any one else have a problem with this?

    My thoughts are if the wires were to make there way down to the motor there could be some issues.

    This is a hugger style fan made by Monte Carlo.


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    Default wires

    They won't.

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    Useally not much a issue with hugger fans but just keep in your mind when you make the connections keep the wires away from the motor hub [ a housing where the fan blades connected]



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