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Thread: Shattered Bathtub Doors...What to Do?!?

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    Default Shattered Sterling/Kohler Shower Door

    I also had a Sterling/Kohler shower door (installed 5 yrs ago) basically explode when my 4-year-old slammed it shut (into its frame) with one hand. It shattered into a combination of pebble-sized pieces and small glass slivers. The projectile slivers of glass cut my son's face requiring stitches and were also embedded in his head and were removed by a doctor with tweezers. My husband was in the shower and his leg and foot had multiple cuts.
    I contacted Kohler and while they did offer me a credit for the doors from the store where they were purchased as a sign of "goodwill", it was my conversation with them that was especially troubling. They said the door would be expected to possibly shatter from the force of a preschooler slamming it shut (not a very strong force or an unusual occurrance!) and that the shattering would be an "explosion" (Kohler's word) with small shards of projectile glass. They say that my door was not defective but behaved as expected. I am surprised that the product would not be sturdy enough to be used in a home with small children, or that there wouldn't be warnings of its fragility.

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    Tempered glass is quite strong for its thickness. But, any scratches, chips, or sharp edges (which may not be seen because of a frame, for example), is a weak point and the thing can break. Once it starts to break, in the process of relieving the stresses, it will catastrophically break. Thicker is stronger.
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    Default glass

    European cars have tempered glass windshields which is one reason they cannot be imported without being revised. However they also have an untempered oval in front of the driver so that if the windshield shatters and stays in the frame the driver will be able to see where he is going.

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    Default broken glass

    I had know idea tempered glass can cause horrific injuries such as the thread starter mom had described. I just don't understand how pebble size pcs of glass can cause such serious injuries.

    Quote: "30 pounds of glass shards! After 20 hours in the hospital to close up some of the horrible wounds, and after a significant loss of blood, he received dozens of stitches"

    You have got to be freaking kidding me. That glass sounds like it was never tempered, or some how was tempered wrong. I would have an expert took at it immediately to determine what kind of glass that was.

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    Default Sterling 5300

    I personally installed a Sterling 5300 sliding glass shower door unit in my home several years ago. I have no complaints about this product; the doors have never been loose and the wheels have not presented any problems. I understand this model was discontinued a few years ago; however, I would definitely purchase another 5300 if it were still being produced. My young children have never experienced problems in its use.

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    Freak accidents happen all the time. I hope your son is feeling ok. It's not wrong to use sliding shower doors but before having one installed in your bathroom, research about the product and its manufacturer. The last thing we want is seeing our loved ones hurt by products unscrupulously manufactured.

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