Two years ago, my mom & dad bought a house that belonged to their best friends after promising to do so before the other couples death. The house was very neglected, a 1970s house that required complete gutting, remodeling, re-everything. My parents requested sliding glass tub doors for both bathtubs(they just like the "look"), and the contractor had Sterling/Kohler 5300s installed in each bathroom. I have noticed that the wheels seemed loose on the tracks, and have 'jumped' the track in the least-used bathtub. All of the family is aware of this and we are all very gentle with the doors so as not to cause an accident or damage. We have recently been "house-sitting" while my parents are out of the country and it gives our family closer proximity to town.

LONG story shortened a little....last night, my 16 year old son, while finishing his shower, gently slid the door open by the hand rail, and was about to step out....when the entire glass sheet completely FELL ONTO HIM AND SHATTERED all over his body, covering his feet and the entire bottom of the bathtub!! He was cut all over by the 30-plus pounds of glass shards! After 20 hours in the hospital to close up some of the horrible wounds, and after a significant loss of blood, he received dozens of stitches, butterfly clasp-sutures, pain medicine and antibiotics, and will recover, I am sure, but he still does not understand how the glass fell(Neither do I!). The glass is loose in the frame in the other bathroom also. I assured him that I have seen the glass shaking within the frame and have feared the same, but felt that surely a reputable company like Kohler (I thought!) would not have such a dangerous product! My ex-husband and I both know of the contractor who installed the doors and know that he installed the product as best as he could and even asked my parents if they were sure that they wanted the doors, as he did not like how 'unstable' they were and recommended a different product. My parents insisted.

What should we do? Aren't shower and bathtub doors required to be tempered glass to prevent such accidents? I don't want to install another Sterling 5300 if they are still around, even if it can be replaced. I just want safety as I have three other kids and aging parents. My parents will have the ultimate decision, of course, but I wonder what to help them look for to fix this, and should Kohler be responsible , and should the contractor be notified? The other kids have been so upset to see their brother bleeding everywhere, that two of the kids(teens) went back home to the country to bathe in a normal tub. Sorry I am wordy but I am a woman who talks a lot, and I'm an ANGRY & UPSET MAMA!