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Thread: Wireless thermostat

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    Default Wireless thermostat

    I have had a "cheap" Wireless Thermostat (WT) on one zone (of three) on my oil fired hot water HVAC system for years with no problem. As I recollect it cost me less than $80 for the transmitter & receiver and I easily installed it myself. The zone I use it for heats the dining room, living room and kitchen with the fixed thermostat in the hallway between the kitchen and dining room. If the kitchen is fine at 70 degrees the living room is at 67.

    Recently I found the firm that sells that device in the US is no longer in business (device made in China). I am now checking for a replacement system (transmitter & receiver) in case my existing system dies.

    I found a WT sold by HVAC Solutions Direct for about $98 for a programmable WT control system. It's a "Controlled Air Systems" T50 series WT pair. A non-programmable WT pair (Series T53) costs about $90. These costs include shipping.

    When Venstar and Totaline WT systems cost $250 to $300 I am nervous about such an inexpensive product. Has anyone seen/had experience with these WT devices?

    What recommendations would you have for a WT system?

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    Honeywell makes them also, but not sure on the price.

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    The Honeywell pair costs $335 incl shipping.


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