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Thread: Wirsbo Pex and Fitting Compatibility

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    Default Wirsbo Pex and Fitting Compatibility


    Do you have to use Wirsbo fittings with Wirsbo brand PEX? Is it possible / advisable to use PEX from other manufacturers with the Wirsb system?


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    The wirsbo pex is for expanding and inserting the wirsbo fittings. It is IMO the best system out there.

    Because it is an SDR-9 tube you could use other fittings with it such as crimp ring fittings and they will fit and work. However, the wirsbo warrantee on the tubing would be reduced, warrantee on the fittings from the other manufacturer would be whatever their guarantee states when used with someone elses tubing.

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    Default Ask the experts at Lowes.....

    I think you should go to lowes or home deopt
    and see what kind of advice that their experts
    give to the un-suspecting public....

    Its almost like handing a monkey a loaded gun with the hammer pulled back
    what do you think is going to happen???

    Basic rule of thumb............

    When ever you try to take short cuts,
    that is when failure will ocur.........

    I think that the National Insurance Underwriters
    of our nation should threaten to pull LOWES and HOME DEPOTs
    insurance coverage out from underneath them for selling this stuff
    and telling the homeowners that they can rig up things any way they want.......

    the reason being is that LOWES AND HD wont be responsible when these
    disasters and floods begin to crop up all over the country.....

    and the insurance companies will end up holding the bag and
    have to pay god awful enourmous bills everywhere....

    this is just down the road a few more years.......

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    pexinfo.com has a nice site about compatiblity of PEX pipe fittings and tools, go there and check it out. I would buy Wirsbo pipe, fittings, and tools and stick with it alone, if it were me. Mixing and matching is not a good idea unless you live in a cheap trailer.

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    I've heard that you have to be careful if you use "barrier pex".

    So check to see if your Wirsbo brand PEX is "barrier pex"

    It if is, you have to be careful not to crimp onto a sharply barbed copper fitting since it will corrode.
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