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Thread: Whole house carbon filter installation with softener

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    Default Whole house carbon filter installation with softener

    We live in a lake community with our own water treatment and sewer system. The water is good, but very hard. No sediment, no iron or sulfur, but a chlorine smell and taste sometimes. I need to install a water softener, I know that, but the wife is insisting on a whole house carbon filter and a RO system under the sink.

    The softener and RO I am pretty confident on hooking up, but my question is:
    Does it matter where the whole house filter is installed in the water system? beofre the water heater? between the water heater and the softenr?

    I am thinking the best place is between the main supply and the softener and water heater with a bypass of some kind. Where do most of you install this type of unit?


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    You want it before the water heater and after the softener.
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