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Thread: Is a 26" Finished Shower Too Narrow?

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    Default Is a 26" Finished Shower Too Narrow?

    My plumber stopped by last night to make her materials list and suggested I roughed in my shower too narrow. I had removed a tub and roughed in that same footprint for the custom tile shower. I figured it was easier than building a little wall to extend the shower out into the bathroom. Anyway, the plumber pointed out that once tiled, the shower would only be about 26" wide. The length is much longer of course, whatever the tub was. She suggested it might be strange to put so much money into a bathroom rennovation and not make a more comfortable shower.

    Anyway, I'm torn now. This is the downstairs guest bathroom that my wife and I seldom use. And it will be a major pain for me to redo my rough-in. However, I read that showers are typically at least 30" wide and I'm concerned about the resale value (and my guest's comfort). Please help me decide.

    Here are some pictures although, you can't really see much. There arre more pictures on the other posts.



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    As long as your not planning on using your arms to wash your body while in the shower, you should be fine.
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    It could be a shower for just really skinny people, but make sure no one is claustrophobic, it kinda of makes me think of a vertical MRI. If it were me, I would bite the bullet and enlarge it for sure.
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    Default shower

    Any competent housing inspector would make a comment on a shower that narrow. 30" is the commonly accepted minimum, and that is tight.

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    Okay, I just called my plumber to reschedule. She was thrilled because she was too swamped anyway. Thanks for the advice. Looks like I screwed up. Oh well. I'll fix it. Depressing...

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    Depressing? It can be. But take it into consideration next time you work on a project. Take your time w/ planning, double check EVERYTHING. There will STILL be things you hadn't thought of, but all you can do is the best you can.

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    Glad you are changing it... In UPC land it would have been a violation...

    Chapter 4
    411.7 All shower compartments, regardless of shape,
    shall have a minimum finished interior of one
    thousand twenty-four (1,024) square inches (0.66 m2)
    and shall also be capable of encompassing a thirty (30)
    inch (750 mm) circle....


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