I just came across a Rheem 75 Gal power Vent heater with the error code reading stating the FVS was tripped. I just shut the heater down for 10 seconds and restarted it and it fired right up. The home owner informed the heater is only 4 months old. From what I understand of these FV sensors is they are a one time shot deal. So since the heater fired right up after a reset the FVS is still working. Any ideas what else would cause a false reading? She did say when she first moved in to the home that it happened then but the FVS was replaced due to the varnish for the hardwood floors had tripped it off.

Also I noticed you all made mention to a parts list. Where can I find this. I looked up and down on Rheem's website and all I can find is a generic breakdown for the homeowners. Also is there some sort of a troubleshooting guide that Rheem gives out the the contractor? I normally service Bradford White in my area, and Bradford White is nice enough to give us contractors a troubleshooting guide for their tankless and power-vent units.