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Thread: Toto Promenade vs. other 2" flush valve

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    Default Toto Promenade vs. other 2" flush valve

    I have read all that I could find about Toto toilets and was convinced that we should buy a Gmax model. Unfortunately, the model that suits our taste and the style of our house is the Toto Promenade. How does that model, with its 2" flush valve, compare to other non-Toto brands? I know that some of the Kohler models have a similar look to the Promenade. How much worse does the Promenade perform than the Gmax models, and if we want to get a Promenade-type style, which is the best to avoid clogs?

    This post is from 2004
    The new Promenade has an improved trapway design, and the 3" flush valve.
    Performance on the new Promenade is very good now.
    They now come with the Universal bowl height too. That's also an upgrade.
    Terry Love
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